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Find out if everything in your IT infrastructure is working as it should.

Perhaps your intuition usually guides you well, but this time, don't leave the state of your IT environment solely to intuition. We conduct a comprehensive audit of information infrastructure with an emphasis on data security and operational IT continuity. Be aware of what's happening in your company. Gain knowledge and plan your next steps.

What is an IT audit?

An IT audit is an action primarily allowing the assessment of the state of security in information systems in a company. The goal of the audit is to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities in data security and networks, as well as to propose solutions to improve in these areas.

What do we subject to the audit?

An audit can cover the entire information infrastructure (including penetration tests, vulnerability tests, functional tests) or selected elements such as: servers and workstations, computer networks and network devices, software and operating systems, databases and data management systems, backups and data archiving systems, antivirus programs and firewall, access control and authentication systems, monitoring and alerting systems.

What are the stages of an IT audit?

1. Preparing an audit plan based on a conversation with the client – determining needs and requirements. 2. Conducting the audit based on the plan and discussion. 3. Preparing a report with the results of the audit and recommendations. 4. Presenting the report and discussing findings with the client. 5. Implementing recommended solutions and fixes.

Why is it worthwhile to conduct an IT audit in your company?

1. Protect your data and IT infrastructure from cyber-attacks by quickly detecting security gaps. 2. Comply with legal requirements for IT security (e.g., ISO 27001:2022). 3. Raise awareness and competence of your employees in IT security. 4. Understand the state of your IT infrastructure, gaining peace of mind.

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