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Professional mass storage systems allow cost-effective storage data and they protect your company against losing key information.

We deal with planning a strategy and architecture of DAS / SAN / NAS environments, having in mind the actual business needs, already implemented applications and financial capabilities of Customers. Our priority is efficient and reliable operation of a network and ensuring 100% safety of stored data.

SAN / NAS networkWe have proven solutions both for small companies, and companies with multiple branches.

  1. NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a cost-effective solution dedicated in particular to smaller companies which expect simple and effective tools for storing files. A NAS server makes mass storage resources available through an IP network using AppleTalk, NFS and CiFS protocol.
  2. SAN (Storage Area Network) is a solution for mass storage-intensive companies which do not accept compromises in the field of performance and reliability. The key element of SAN is a switch through which mass storage is made available to servers. The network uses FC SAN or IP SAN protocol. The entire infrastructure may be flexibly managed.
  3. DAS (Direct Attached Storage) is the simplest method of making disc space available which we recommend in case of building infrastructure composed of several servers. Mass storage is assigned to each server. The implementation usually is made on the basis of SCSI or Fibre Channel standard. An advantage of this solution is high performance and easy implementation.

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