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11 marca 2019
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DELL Compellent SC7020 – Unified SAN & NAS

Person Łukasz Szulik

Specyfikacja techniczna Dell Compellent SC7020 

Dla Klientów korzystających nie tylko z blokowego dostępu do macierzy, marka DELL zaprezentowała model Compellent SC7020 – czyli połączenie macierzy blokowej z możliwością działania jako urządzenie NAS (SMB, NFS, FTP). Wdrożenie nowoczesnych rozwiązań to podstawa właściwej automatyzacji IT. Właśnie dlatego warto dogłębnie zapoznać się ze specyfikacją najnowszych produktów cenionej marki Dell. Poniżej znajdą Państwo szereg informacji i detale, które pomogą podjąć właściwą decyzję.

Pełna specyfikacja techniczna Dell Compellent SC7020:

  • Processors: Dual 2.5GHz, 8-core Intel® Xeon® processors per controller
  • Controllers: 2 dual-active controllers per array
  • Operating system: Dell Storage Center Storage Center 7.1 or higher; FluidFS v5 or higher
  • Max system memory: 256GB per array (128GB per controller)
  • Internal storage: 30 x 2.5” drive bays
  • Max drive count: 500 (30 internal, plus 470 external)
  • Max raw capacity: 3PB per array (SSD or HDD)Storage media:
    • SAS and NL-SAS drives; different drive types, transfer rates and rotational speeds can be mixed in same system:
    • SSDs: write-intensive, read-intensive (SLC, MLC and TLC formats)
    • HDDs: 15K, 10K, 7.2K RPM

Expansion enclosures:

  • Dell Storage SC420 (24 x 2.5” drive slots, 12Gb SAS)
  • Dell Storage SC400 (12 x 3.5” drive slots, 12Gb SAS)
  • Dell Storage SC280 (84 x 3.5” drive slots, 6Gb SAS)
  • Dell Storage SC220 (24 x 2.5” drive slots, 6Gb SAS)
  • Dell Storage SC200 (12 x 3.5” drive slots, 6Gb SAS)

Network/server (front-end):

  • 4 on-board 10Gb iSCSi ports (SFP+ or Base-T) per array (2 per controller)
  • 4 on-board 10Gb NAS ports (SFP+ or Base-T) per array (2 per controller)
  • Optional front-end connectivity: 8/16Gb FC, 1/10Gb iSCSI (SFP+ and Base-T), simultaneous interface support
  • Maximum front-end ports: 24 (Fibre Channel), 12 (1Gb iSCSI), 12 (10Gb iSCSI) per array
  • Back-end connectivity: SAS (6Gb, 12Gb)
  • Minimum back-end ports: 4 x 12Gb SAS ports per array (2 per controller)
  • Maximum back-end ports: 28 x 12Gb SAS ports per array including on-board ports
  • NAS deployment (optional): Enable using Fluid File System software license
  • NAS protocols: NFS v3, NFS v4.0, NFS v4.1, SMB v1, SMB v2.x, SMB v3.0, FTP
  • Data replication: Multiprotocol replication support; supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI replication for SAN volumes and IP-based replication for NAS volumes
  • Auto-tiering method: Policy-based migration based on real-time data usage, customizable 512KB-4MB page size
  • Auto-tiering structure: Up to 3 primary (media-based) tiers total, up to 2 SSD tiers (write- and read-intensive SSDs)

Tiering customizations:

  • Default and user-defined profiles, option to “pin” volumes to any tier
  • RAID: RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, RAID 10, and RAID 10 DM (dual mirror); any combination of RAID levels can exist on a single array
  • Thin provisioning: Active by default on all volumes, operates at full performance across all features

Deduplication and compression:

  • Selectable option per volume on lowest tier (SSD or HDD)
  • Compression-only option also available
  • HDD optimization: FastTrack moves frequently accessed data to outer tracks for quicker response times
  • Data reduction: Policy-based deduplication and compression of cold files in NAS volumes


  • Synchronous/Asynchronous via FC or iSCSI
  • Target/source relationships may be one-to-many or many-to-one
  • Supports all SC data services on source and target volumes
  • Change replication types and topologies on demand
  • Supports cross-platform replication with PS Series/EqualLogic arrays (either direction)(4)
  • Volume mobility:
    • Live Migrate (included with base product) enables host-transparent data movement between arrays;* see also Federation section
    • Maintains snapshots/replication relationships
  • Thin import: Space-efficient, non-disruptive data migration from PS Series (EqualLogic) arrays

Thin clones:

  • Clone standalone volumes with zero duplication of data
  • Clones maintain independent snapshots and replication
  • Ideal for VDI, test/dev, other applications that require discrete instances of common data
  • More efficient than dedupe for database copies

Business continuity:

  • Live Volume bi-directional auto-failover, auto-repair
  • Continuous operations, disaster recovery, disaster avoidance
  • Includes third-site (tertiary) replication options
  • Zero RTO/RPO with customizable site failover SLAs per volume
  • Does not require identical hardware at each site
  • VMware Metro Stretch Cluster support
  • Microsoft Azure Site Recovery support
  • Thin snapshots: Records changes only, snapshots auto-migrate to lower-cost storage
  • Application data protection: Application Protection Manager Suite protects and restores host-side data from array in Oracle, Microsoft or VMware environments

Data-at-rest encryption:

  • Self-encrypting drives (SED) in SSD or HDD formats
  • Full-disk encryption (FDE) based on AES-256
  • Drives certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 2
  • Key Management Server options available for FIPS 140-2 Level 1, 2 and 3
  • External key manager support: Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure k460, SafeNet KeySecure k250, SafeNet KeySecure k150v
    Thales EMS 200
  • Data on wire encryption: AES encryption for SMB v3 and for NFS v4.x with Kerberos authentication
  • Backup: NDMP 3-way and 2-way backup with certified vendor
  • Management interface: Dell Storage Manager (included, server-installable), Storage Center Manager (included, on-board browser-based), Dell Storage Manager Chargeback, Replay Manager, command-line interface; multi-array, multi-site, cross-platform management from single interface
  • Federation: Create large multi-array systems under unified management, with seamless workload migration between arrays via included Live Migrate feature. Add arrays non-disruptively, efficiently utilizing their combined capacity and performance. Volume Advisor monitors federated arrays to suggest optimal data placement and load balancing. Volume movement does not impact snapshots or replication data protection. Federate like or unlike arrays: SC9000, SC8000, SC4020, S40.B37
  • Scripting support: Microsoft PowerShell API, RESTful API
  • Host OS support: Microsoft Windows Server®, Oracle® Solaris, HP®-UX, Oracle Linux, IBM® AIX®, Novell® NetWare®, SUSE® Enterprise Linux®, Apple®, HPTru64, VMware, Citrix® XenServer®, RedHat®
  • Third-party application integration: VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, OpenStack™, Symantec™, CommVault®, Foglight™ — see the SC Series Management spec sheet for additional integrations and details
    • Coexistance with PS Series (EqualLogic) arrays*:
    • Replication in either direction
    • Day-to-day management from a single interface
    • ​Thin import: space-efficient, non-disruptive data migration from PS Series arrays
  • Certifications: VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, VMware SRM, Veritas Storage Foundations Suite, IBM VIOS Recognized, Oracle Validated Infrastructure (OVI); see Dell Storage Support Matrix for additional certifications and details
  • Reporting/Alerts: ProSupport powered by Copilot, remote diagnostics and performance monitoring, automated alerts, reports and notifications


  • Power/wattage: 2 hot-swappable 1485W power supplies; 1485W maximum power
  • Heat dissipation: 5,067 BTU/hr maximum
  • Voltage: 200-240 VAC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Inlet type: NEMA 5-15/CS22.2, n°42


  • Height: 13.33 cm (5.25 in)
  • Width: 44.5 cm (17.52 in)
  • Depth: 78.5 cm (30.9 in)
  • Weight: 24.22 kg (53.4 lb) (maximum configuration), 15.15 kg (33.4 lb) (empty)
  • Rack support: ReadyRails™ II static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting in 4-post threaded-hole racks


  • Operating temperature: 50 – 95°F (10 – 35°C)
  • Non-operating temperature: -40 – 149°F (-40 – 65°C)
  • Operating humidity ranges (non-condensing): 10% to 80% with 29°C (84.2°F) maximum dew point
  • Non-operating humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 95% with 33°C (91°F) maximum dew point
  • Services**: Dell ProSupport powered by Copilot support with deployment and consulting services. Optional ProSupport Plus powered by Copilot is available offering proactive and preventative services to improve performance and stability. Dell Optimize is available for additional ongoing strategic counsel and guidance from a highly trained system analyst.
  • Diagnostics engine**: Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)
  • System sizing**: Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) tool
  • Drive warranty**: All SSDs and HDDs are warrantied for full lifetime wear-out replacement with valid service agreement. SSD warranty covers all formats: SLC, MLC and TLC.

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