Financing IT Projects

Expand your IT infrastructure on convenient instalment terms.

Do you want to use technologically advanced equipment but don't have the budget for it? Thanks to financing IT projects as part of the Dell Financial Services solution, you can provide your employees with access to modern IT infrastructure. All of this will undoubtedly translate into overall results for your company!

What is Dell Financial Services?

Dell Financial Services is a banking institution established by our partner – Dell Technologies. In general, it serves to finance IT projects (hardware, software, training, licenses, everything related to the IT environment). It allows the exchange of IT infrastructure in a favorable and convenient instalment system to maximize the technological potential of the enterprise.

How much does the entire financing procedure cost?

Absolutely nothing. The first costs appear only when the equipment is delivered, the contract is signed, and you start using the equipment. The preparation of calculations and the credit process itself are cost-free.

What is the procedure for obtaining funds?

We handle everything together with Dell. We submit the application on your behalf, and the necessary data for it is obtained from the National Court Register (KRS). The first interaction with you occurs after a positive credit decision, during the sending of documents for signature. For small projects (up to 250,000 PLN), we can send such documents within 1 day. For more complex and larger projects, the time extends from 7 to 10 days.

Who can benefit from financing IT projects through Dell Financial Services?

The service is directed to any entity registered in Poland that has creditworthiness (excluding civil partnerships and JDG).

Why should you consider financing IT projects through Dell Financial Services?

1. Fixed, equal installments throughout the equipment usage period.
2. Convenient cash flow management in the company.
3. Experience in the IT hardware manufacturing industry.
4. Possibility of financing foreign vendors (i.e., brands other than Dell).
5. Easy and cost-free financing application procedure.
6. Minimal requirements for obtaining financing.

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