Your benefits from working at ITPunkt

Salary is the foundation, but by working with us, you receive a range of benefits of various kinds.

Choice of employment contract

An employment contract from day one is a given here. We want you to feel stable and secure. Or perhaps you're an entrepreneur and prefer a B2B contract with favorable terms? No problem – it's up to you to decide how we'll work together.

Learning English

We know that knowledge of foreign languages is key to success. That's why we'll subsidize English lessons with a native speaker or a Polish teacher (whichever you prefer). You can even learn during working hours! So – are you in?

Private medical care

We probably don't need to emphasize how important health is in life. At ITPunkt, you receive substantial subsidies for the LuxMed medical package – you can choose from several options. It's a significant saving, with many specialists in one place and no waiting lines.

Life insurance

We offer life insurance in various options – also for your family. If anything happens (touch wood!), you can count on financial support for yourself and your loved ones.

Multisport card and/or fitness classes

Good health is not only about regular check-ups and doctor's visits, but also physical activity. At ITPunkt, you get a Multisport card, allowing you to use various sports facilities across Poland. We also offer weekly fitness classes with a personal trainer at a friendly gym.

Financial bonuses

We know how to appreciate well-done work, commitment, and above-average ideas for our company's development. If circumstances are favorable, you can expect to be rewarded with a financial bonus!


Non-material benefits

You'll probably agree that the work atmosphere is particularly important. We nurture it through a series of values and attitudes that are crucial to us.

We value a partnership approach

We believe that good relationships lead to well-executed projects. Regardless of the positions we hold, we treat each other as partners, with respect and goodwill. After all, we're all playing for the same ITPunkt team!

We create a safe space

One of our priorities was to create a safe working environment with stable employment. And we've succeeded! Many of our interns receive offers for permanent positions, and specialists with several years of experience at ITPunkt are the norm. Employment contracts, benefits, and mature, understanding communication – you can count on these here.

We appreciate and listen to your voice

ITPunkt is a place for realizing your own ideas with the potential for growth. Do you have any suggestions, ideas for innovations, or ways to improve something? You can always tell us what's on your mind! Additionally, we invest in training our employees to maximize their potential.

We simply like each other

Working with someone you like is definitely better – and this is not an empty phrase. We strive to create an environment with interesting people who share common interests and hobbies. We also meet outside the office, both at organized gatherings and spontaneous outings in the city. PS – we value a sense of humor 😊

Job offers

ITPunkt is a place open to great specialists looking to develop, regardless of work experience or acquired knowledge. Could it be you we are looking for?

Job offers

ITPunkt is a place open to great specialists looking to develop, regardless of work experience or acquired knowledge. Could it be you we are looking for?

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